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Learn how to speak and read with a perfect, fluent British English accent.  Learn to say any English word at home with an easy eBook “Practice Reading and SpeakLearn Englishing.” This phonics course, first tests your ability to pronounce English sounds and helps with pronunciation of these sounds.  You will learn how to split words in sound blocks in order to speak English with a British accent. It begins by teaching you how to pronounce the alphabet sounds accurately with a British Accent. You will learn at your own pace how to separate the sounds in words using phonics. This British English accent phonics course contains over 10,000 words, all ordered by level of difficulty. You will learn over 1,000 different ways to spell the sounds heard when you speak with a British English accent. There are 70 Modules or pages that build into a complete understanding of the sounds that you hear and see when you speak with a British English Accent. This course is unique in that it teaches a British English accent at word level rather than sentences and conversation. It starts with the basic sounds heard and English, then includes every spelling pattern of those sounds found in the English language. By the end of the course, you will understand how to speak with a fluent British English accent. Check out some of the common mistakes when learning English along with the Module in the course that is needed to correct those mistakes.

Fluent British English Accent Training

Why is it so hard to learn to speak with a fluent British English accent? It should be simple. So, why isn’t it?  British English accent training around the world is often taught by teachers who don’t speak with a fluent British English accent themselves. Teaching a fluent British English accent is much easier when you have been taught reading through phonics as a child in England. Children in the UK from an early age learn to link sound with spelling. In order to train others to learn to speak with a fluent British English accent, it’s necessary to spend time understanding the core structure of the British English accent, phonics. An unclear understanding of phonics is a recipe for disaster. Additionally, throwing technical jargon at students  robs them of clarity of thought. To students, it’s important that the British English accent training they receive is clear, understandable and accurate. If the English can learn to speak with a fluent British English accent without knowing all of the technical terms for written and spoken English, why not teach others to speak English with a fluent British English accent the same way.

Fluent British English Pronunciation Practice

At best, some British accent teachers manage to teach the technical side of English grammar and sentence structure. At worst they confuse their students by telling them how a word sounds, when they’re really describing spelling rather than fluent British English pronunciation. This leads to a puzzled look on students faces, as during British accent training, what they’re told is the correct British English pronunciation, is not what they’re hearing from the teacher. Students then practice what is incorrect and learn to speak with a British accent incorrectly, without realising that their pronunciation is embarrassingly wrong. To be certain when you learn to speak with a fluent British English accent, that what you’re practicing is accurate, you will need to check that your information comes from someone who can speak with a fluent British English accent correctly. Although, there are many different regional accents in the UK, the one that is the easiest to understand wherever you are in the world is the London accent or estuary accent. It is the fluent, neutral British English accent spoken in London and the South East London area. Even the English find some of the other regional British English accents difficult to understand.

Speak English with a natural British accent or American Accent

Another problem in some countries, is that the American English accent is taught in preference to the fluent British accent because the teacher can speak it fluently. If the student wants to learn American English that’s fine. But, what if the student wants to learn to speak with a British accent and needs training that fits with their requirements. How can this problem be solved? One possibility is for the English teacher to complete this English fluent British accent training course themselves. They will then ensure that they have a thorough understanding of how English spelling relates to speaking with a fluent British accent. A reference guide to British pronunciation training helps when a student asks how a word is pronounced they can answer accurately. Guiding the student to a list of words with the same spelling and pronunciation in the ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ British English accent training course ensures repetition.

Learn to speak with a British Accent in 70 days

If there is no available fluent British accent coach in your locality who has been trained to teach English with a British English accent, there is another option. It’s possible to take the teacher out of the equation altogether and leave the job to accurate written instruction. But, how would the student then be able to hear how a word is supposed to sound, without fluent British accent training through audio or a teacher? Fortunately, British English pronunciation dictionaries online can do an amazing job at pronouncing words with a fluent British English accent (if you pick the right one). The best ones take pride in perfect British English pronunciation. That’s all well and good you may say, but it’s going to take a very long time looking up every single word in an online dictionary to check how it is pronounced with a fluent British accent. Additionally, where do you start to learn how to speak English with a British English accent if you are going to learn independently? How can you tell what is good advice if you don’t know how the fluent British accent is supposed to sound? Thankfully, the problem has now been solved. All you need is the ability to listen to a fluent British accent and copy it perfectly. You’ll also need a British English accent course book and a few hours of online access. Don’t spend a fortune on online lessons, classes, videos or courses.

You can learn to speak English with a fluent British accent successfully with just one book. £24 buys a word perfect British English accent. The eBook ‘Practice Reading and Speaking can be used to learn and practice a fluent British English accent or to teach reading to any age group. For further information on how to speak with a perfect British English Accent just follow the link:

How to Teach Reading:

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