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British Accent Course – Practice Reading and Speaking eBook PDF

Preview this unique, innovative British accent course ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’. Learn to Speak with a clear, fluent British accent. It’s a home study eBook, that can be used on any device with a PDF reader.

Easy to Follow New British Accent Course

The PRS-eBook will train you to be able to speak with a fluent British accent. Practice Reading and Speaking contains over 10,000 words and over 1,000 different ways to spell English words. You will be taught how the sounds heard in the English language, relate to the spelling that you see. This British accent course begins with a pronunciation assessment to ensure that you can accurately pronounce all of the sounds heard in British English. This British accent course will build upon your knowledge at a pace that you choose. At the end of the course, you will have extended your vocabulary and have a complete understanding of how sounds relate to spelling. Your knowledge of phonics will be so extensive that you will be able to train others to speak with a British accent.

In just 70 Modules or pages, you will cover every sound heard in spoken English along with the hundreds of ways that sounds are spelled. British English Pronunciation with a London accent can be learned in weeks when practiced in this structured way. The perfect British accent is within your grasp with this British accent course.

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