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British English Pronunciation is easy with this fast British English Accent Course. It is a unique eBook PDF. Lots of hints and tips on how to speak with a British accent are contained in the eBook. Learn at home. No audio downloads are needed due to its simple approach. All of the sounds that you hear in spoken British English pronunciation are contained within 21 key words. Once you can say every sound, in every one of the twenty-one simple words precisely, (with the help of a few key websites and the eBook), you will be able to learn to speak English words with natural British English pronunciation (the London accent) on your own at home. Support via email is there if you need it, but it is so simple that you will probably never ever need to ask how a word is pronounced again. All you need to do next, is practice the British English pronunciation of the words in the course, until you sound English. Lastly, listen to spoken conversation on the internet, movies or in songs to gain experience with intonation. By means of the eBook ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ you will have learned how to say any English word accurately and with British English Pronunciation.

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Learn British English Pronunciation

Your British English pronunciation training can begin today. Your copy of this remarkable British eBook will be emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of your order. To begin your British pronunciation training you will need to take the following five simple steps.

  • Buy “Practice Reading and Speaking”
  • Read the introduction on page three and ‘Take a Closer Look’ on page four which illustrates how the course works.
  • Next, print out the reading and speaking Progress Record on page 175 and record the date that you started the course.
  • Navigate to page 154, which is the learn British English Pronunciation Assessment. Type  the first word in the chart into the online natural British English pronunciation dictionary. (You’ll be sent links to a few accurate British pronunciation dictionaries when you  order the course. One website will even slow down the pronunciation for you.)

Listen carefully to the word. Pay attention to the depth, lightness, stress and clarity of the sounds. Copy the British English pronunciation of the word aloud until you can say it perfectly. Next, separate the individual sounds that you hear in the word. Make sure that you can both separate and combine the individual sounds with fluency. If you find this difficult, Module 2 ‘Help with Pronunciation’ will give you more specific help.

  • Now do the same with the other twenty words. Practice Reading and Speaking will help you to do this successfully. The British Pronunciation Assessment helps you to focus on individual sounds. Use this assessment to ensure that you can pronounce every sound that you’ve heard accurately.

Speak English with a Natural British Accent

Begin the ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ course at Module one. This British  pronunciation course has 70 Modules or pages. It will help you learn to speak English with a natural British accent. Complete a page a day if possible. Read and speak the words contained in the module until you can speak them fluently and confidently with natural British English pronunciation. Check that you’re on the right track by looking up the occasional word on one of the suggested websites that you were given when you ordered the ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ course book. By the end of this British English pronunciation course you should be able to pronounce over 10,000 of the most used words and the most awkward words in English without mistakes. You will also have gained the knowledge that you need in order to pronounce words with natural British English pronunciation that are not contained in the eBook. Your British English pronunciation will be accurate. You should now be able to learn to speak with a British accent confidently, knowing that those whose first language is English will understand you perfectly.

This course will teach you everything that you need to know about how to speak English words accurately with a natural British accent. All you need can be found in one book. You can speak English words with natural British pronunciation fluently in 70 days without the help of a teacher.

As a bonus, this book contains an amazing guide to family literacy. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Prepare a pre-school child for learning to read (through communication, games and activities)
  • Teach a child or adult to read and write English accurately to an adult level (the course is also a phonic course)
  • Parents can learn how to teach reading successfully
  • Improve English speaking and writing for the work environment
  • Improve public speaking skills

Natural British English pronunciation can be achieved successfully with just one book. No audio files or videos are needed.

To learn more about this amazing book, see the following two websites.

British English pronunciation:

Teach Reading:

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