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We sell three eBooks

Book 1 РPractice Reading & Speaking (A full reading and accent training course with resources for teaching reading along with teaching notes, basic English (includes  writing spelling and public speaking) and tests.

Learn to Speak English with a clear, fluent British accent.This home study course can be used on any device with a PDF reader. It contains over 10,000 words and over 1,000 different ways to spell English words. You will be taught how the sounds heard in the English language, relate to the spelling that you see. Learn basic English too, so that you can write English as well as you can speak it. A word perfect British accent in one eBook.

Book 2 – Student Guide

If you prefer an eBook to just train your accent, use the Student Guide to practice reading aloud targeted individual sounds and the words that they are found in. Do this one sound at a time in order of difficulty.

This eBook is the phonic and accent training course only without all of the extra teaching notes for teaching reading and Basic English help. (Use it to practice speaking individual sounds and the words that they are commonly found in.)

Book 3 – Phonic Story Book for Adults

This eBook, used alongside the student guide will allow you to practice your accent by reading stories that contain targeted phonemes (sounds) for reach story. (Read paragraphs aloud in a conversational style.)