PRS STUDENT GUIDE (A British Accent in 70 Lessons)

The PRS Student Guide can train you step by step how to speak with a British Accent. This eBook contains just the phonic pronunciation course. It does not contain the teaching notes, resources and Basic English section. These extras are for the use of teaching reading to children and adults.

The student guide contains everything that you need to practice your accent. Don’t be tempted to miss the early lessons, English learners often mis-pronounce some of the very basic sounds. If you buy the PRS Phonic Stories¬†eBook too, you will be able to practice reading short paragraphs to full stories with targeted sound practice in mind.

First watch a short video of how to pronounce every sound that can be heard in the English language. When you feel that you can copy every sound accurately, without mistakes, start the course.

Read all of the words in the course module by module. Enunciate every sound that you see. Check for pronunciation tips too at the bottom of some of the pages.

Check your accent regularly with one of the websites that you will be given. You will be able to type in any word and have it pronounced with a British Accent.

This is an eBook that can be held on any device to practice your accent whenever you have the time.